Guru911 – Refunds Policy


If a call has already taken place and a request for a refund is made, we require that these items below are met:

  • We are given the right to contact the mentor regarding the issue or the refund.
  • We don't have reason to believe that the transaction was fraudulent.

If the call has 24 hours left yet. You can ask for rescheduling or refund of charges with subtraction of 20% as Guru911 fees. In order for a refund to be processed, please write up an email to us at regarding your concern.


We do ask that you notify us 24 hours prior to your meeting with the guru about re-scheduling ahead of time. Please be thoughtful and courteous in doing so - regardless of whether you are the mentee or the guru. Everyone is busy - so doing your best to avoid a reschedule is best for everyone.

It solely depends upon Guru decision to reschedule or not else refunds process if 24 hours are still left in meeting with Guru911 charges applied.

For any type of issues regarding meeting feel free to email us at or drop us a message at +923349114878