How to Get More Mentees on Gur911

  • 17-Jul-2021
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Mentoring is about helping another person learn through a one-to-one relationship. It’s a common practice for transferring knowledge and promoting best practices at work. As well it is an effective way to develop new leaders.   Serving as a mentor benefits you as well as the mentee. Incorporate these nine tips so the process works well for both of you.   1.  Upload your formal photograph with a Smile First impression is the last impression. Photograph yourself in a way that your face takes up at least 60% of the frame with a smile. 2.  Establish Expectations And Ground Rules from your Bio When your profile is introduced to mentee, make them comfortable by explaining your role & achievements. Explain what you’re prepared to do for them: coach, teach, and open relevant doors. 3.  Connect your Social Handles Connecting your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter handles can increase your authenticity thus resulting in more mentees.
  4.  Showcase your Skillset Mentees get attracted by the skills you posses. Update your skillset at “Login > Profile > About > Skills” to get noticed often. 5.  Experience and Education Brief of your Accomplishments and Knowledge by updating your Education & Experience panel “Login > Profile > Education” & “Login > Profile > Experience” 6.  Best Prices & Timings Schedule Mentee after being impressed by your Skills, Experience and Education would reach out to you on your profile. Make sure your Packages are affordabale and timings are convinient for mentees to consult you. Setup your packages at “Login > My Scheduled Timings > Packages” and timings at “Login > My Scheduled Timings > Timings” 7.  Announce your Presence When you are all set to get some mentees onboard, share your Guru profile to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter handles to let your audience know that you are open for discussion. sharing to your social media handles can boost up your engagements by 100% 8.  Blog your Wisdom Mentees often consult to mentors who are social. Find what the mentee likes to read, Bring insights and perspectives to them via your own blogs. Upload your first Guru blog at “Login > Blogs > Add Blog” 9.  Introduce Peers to Guru 
Introducing your peers to guru can bring you a lot of traction to yourself. Build your own social community of Guru and impoverished each others. Mentors tend to be in a power position. Treat mentoring as a work responsibility and everyone will gain.

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